ELFA Technology Innovation Leadership Series: The Customer Experience

When:  Aug 20, 2019

ELFA launched the Technology Innovation Work Group in January 2019 with the vision to inspire new thinking about technology and innovation among equipment finance industry leaders. Our mission is to create opportunities to engage business leaders in carefully designed forums to explore leading-edge technology and innovation practices and their current and potential application for our industry.

The Technology Innovation Leadership Series are one-day events offered to senior leaders of ELFA member companies to provide an opportunity to go deep in conversation with industry peers in specific technology innovation challenges.

Join us on August 20,  10am-3pm, for a focus on the customer experience.

Technology and customer expectations are changing fast, and there are so many options you could be doing that it can be overwhelming. There are many great examples of digitally enabled customer experience (CX) in our consumer lives, but what about the commercial customer experience? How are business customer expectations shifting, and what are finance companies doing about it? How does CX focus drive innovation?

CX focus is no longer a nice to have; it's vital. Whether your customer is an equipment end-user, a vendor, investor, or the user of a business service, their experience of doing business with you matters, and innovation in this area is a crucial aspect of future proofing your business. However, it can be incredibly challenging to implement CX initiatives in the financial world. The purpose of this event is to bring together a variety of perspectives to consider the possibilities for CX innovation and encourage open sharing of ideas, insights, and practical approaches for overcoming CX innovation challenges.

This event is designed to enable you to focus and go deeper on the CX topic, share ideas, hear what others are doing, and gain new perspective on what is going on outside your world.

Join us for a carefully curated technology innovation discussion.


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